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New society JDRA pumps has been constituted in September 2005 in order to acquire the 30 years activity of construction of electro pumps Jdra .

The young and dynamics company take advantage themselves of the technical collaboration and of the productive ability of two companies of the same group that operate in the mechanics of precision in various fields 20 years experience .

All the production of the constructive particular of the pumps comes executed in our company of Reggio Emilia in Italy a structure of approximately 2000 mq using the most modern machinery to numerical control, an instrumentation of control to the vanguard and adopting a constant productive process control .

After the assemblage and before the shipment all the electro pumps are tested in order to verify that they answer to requirement declares and to the enforced norms of law in the European Community; the materials employed in the production of the pumps are certified as like adapted to the contact with alimentary products and in particular with olive oil .

The business activity of the company extends in all countries of the Mediterranean Sea, approximately the 80% of our clients are olive oil producers, the 15% are constituted from companies with transport oil by adapted trucks, the 5% use our product for others employ;

the 60% of the production are destined to satisfied the requirements of the Italian market, while 40% are destined to export business .

The trades structure of JDRA has upgraded the post sales service; our technicians are always ready to help the client in order to resolve problematic of use and for the choice of the spare parts, our warehouse can send the spare parts required fast and delivery in time of 24-48 hours to the client .

Our technical office is in a position to studying solutions personalized about the demanded detailed lists of the client .


The models of series JDRA are electro pumps luring shovel cars guided whose main characteristic is an optimal aspiring force , the particular mechanics renders them adapted to transfer of oils and the liquids in kind also with high degree of density , the low regimen of spin and the particular constructive system avoid the formation of emulsion in the transferred liquid , the characteristics property of the product do not alter therefore .

The elevated capacities supplied in relation to dimensions of block contained , the easy constructive mechanical that renders contained the operating costs , the extreme flexibility of employment makes of electro pumps JDRA a reliable instrument of job .

The electro pumps are similar from the point of view constructive , while they differ for power of the motor , capacity , prevalence , feeding electrical worker ( three phase or mono phase on models JDRA 40-50 ) , weight and dimensions .

For applications in existing systems , the pumps can be supplied lacking in motor and base .

The models of series JDRA are electro pumps , whose sense of spin is reversible, that is they can turn is in hour sense that counter-clockwise.

The pumps ( models 40-50-80 ) are equipped of by-pass valve that , if opened , it allows to fill up stalks , jerry cans or small containers without must stop the motor , simply closing the sent tap .

The valve sluice determines the maximum capacity , while in the middle positions it acts like adapted of capacity and prevalence of the pump .

They are supplied of complete electrical worker system : the motors to 1 speed are equipped with march inverter, the motors to 2 speed are equipped with an interrupting march inverter and commutator of speed.

Thanks to the movement facility can be connected fast to the system.

Pumps JDRA are constructed to the enforced European norms in mechanical matter and electrical worker , certified CE and they are suitable like adapted to contact with alimentary products enforced the Italian and European norms .

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Attended Expoalimentaria 2012 – Perù

October 5, 2012

Claudio Vignoli and Gabriele Casini (CDR srl) attended Expoalimentaria 2012, International trade show that highlights food and beverages, machinery, equipment, inputs, containers and packaging, services, restaurants, and gastronomy.   At CDR’s stand we had the opportunity to meet many experts in connection with olive oil, fish oil and sacha inchi oil producers, […]

VIIth International Symposium on Olive Growing

September 10, 2012

Claudio Vignoli, as main sponsor, will attend the VIIth International Symposium on Olive Growing that will take place in San Juan, Argentina, from 25th to 29th September 2012, the most important scientific olive meeting realized every four years in different countries around the world under the auspice of the International […]

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