Self-Propelled F3

Olive harvesting self-propelled machine main features:

  • Three-wheel drive, with a single steering rear wheel;
  • Hydraulic drive from thermal engine to the wheels;
  • A hydraulic cylinder-operated removable arm with a telescopic system mounting a vibrating head;
  • Controls operated by a joystick and two levers for the vibration and movement of the head;
  • High-frequency, self-braking vibrating head.

The front and the rear drive are operated through a high-pressure hydraulic pump. Forward gear and reverse gear are activated by pressing a pedal, operating a hydraulic pressure on the hydraulic drive pump. The machine has two speed gears and two reverse gears. The service brake is automatically activated by releasing the pedal which enables the machine to move. The emergency brake with engines off is automatically activated, as the wheel hubs are equipped with negative brakes. Negative brakes are lamellate blocks, which are blocked when there is no pressure on the brakes cylinders. The handbrake with an in-motion machine is activated by pressing a button on the control panel. The vibrating head movement is hydraulically activated by a joystick and two levers. The driver’s cab is open on one side only. The seat is equipped with a seatbelt . The cabin lacks hydraulic pressure pipes. The vibrating head is mounted at one end of the telescopic arm and is secured by anti-vibration supports, which prevent the vibration to be transmitted to the driver’s cab, whereas the high frequency, self-braking vibrating system increases the product falling rate in a shorter time, and avoids final oscillations.

Main characteristics:

  • Three-wheel drive automatic machine;
  • Great stability on sloping terrain;
  • Engine: IVECO 125 HP 4 cylinders diesel or 145 HP 6 cylinders
  • Closed-circuit hydrostatic transmissions
  • Negative type hydraulic brakes.
  • High frequency, self-breaking vibrating head “New Generation” (Patented by SICMA srl)

 BODY: Bodywork with steel pipes and sheets elements welded together. Reinforced joints, through ribs and gussets, all aptly welded. Pipes and sheets thickness 5 to 25mm. WEIGHT: Weight: 4,950Kg max. Weight on Front Axle (overturned vibrating head) 9 3,250 Kg. Weight on Front axle ( vibrating head in working position) 4,100 Kg. Weight on Rear axle (overturned vibrating head)1,810 Kg. ENGINE: IVECO 4 cylinders boosted engine; Power 93 KW (125HP) at 2,300 revs per minutes. Air aspiration: filter-operated; Combustion system: direct injection; Functioning Cycle: 4 step diesel; Water Cooling system. Iveco Motors guarantees its engines conform with the regulations concerning the emissions of:

  • Air noise;
  • Polluting exhaust;

TRANSMISSION: Machine with a closed circuit hydrostatic drive, made up of:

  • 1 pistons pump;
  • 3 Poclain Hydraulic engine.

TYRES: MITAS 405/70-20 TR1 PR 14 (maximum load 3.500 Kg per wheel); BRAKES:

  • Automatic brake when the pedal activating the movement is released. The braking action is due to the drive hydraulic system brake.
  • Emergency brake: the wheel hubs are equipped with lamellate negative brakes blocking the wheels when there is no pressure in the detachment hydraulic circuit. The hydraulic oil pressure is cut off when the engine is turned off; otherwise it can be cut off throughout a switch.

BATTERY: Accumulator- 120 Ah Capacity at 12 V INSTRUMENTATION:

  • Electromagnetic tachometer hour counter; Warning lights: generator, lubes pressure, engine temperature, lights, low beams, indicators;
  • Gauges: low pressure circuit oil gauge, filter clogging level gauge, brake circuit oil pressure gauge;
  • Revolving lamp and lighter connection;
  • Acoustic alarm.

CONTROLS: Dashboard: Gears switch; indicators switch; lights switch; starter, emergency and handbrake switch. Floor: Motion pedal – pedal-activated rear gear and accelerator. Below the dashboard, on the left: hand accelerator. Right side: vibrating head movement joystick- vibration deviator, vibration switch. ELECTRIC SYSTEM:

  • Starter engine (included in the endothermic engine);
  • Current generator (included in the endothermic engine).

Lighting system Front:

  • 2 main beams (dimmable into low beams);
  • 2 sidelights;
  • 2 indicators.


  • 2 red sidelights combined with the stop lights;
  • 2 clearance lights;
  • 2 red reflectors;
  • 2 indicators.

SEATS: Arms and safety belts equipped seats (TUV type-approval). EQUIPMENT: Vibrating head mounted over a telescopic arm.




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October 5, 2012

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VIIth International Symposium on Olive Growing

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