Semiautomatic Weight Filling Machine

a semi-automatic filling machine  with innovative features that make it suitable for filling bottles and tins from 0.01 to 10 liters. The format change is done simply with a switch increase/decrease by setting the capacity of container to be filled: electronics on the machine calculates the weight  and controls the filling with a scale.

It comes already programmed with the popular formats.

At the end of every fill the machine automatically recalculates  all parameters, including the product in flight, to ensure an accuracy of a few grams.

As each filling is controlled by the machine and displayed to the operator by the scale you have no legal need to further check the weight.

The machine incorporates a volumetric pump which speed is controlled with an inverter to avoid the oil to emulsify. There are two different speeds depending on the format chosen, and a third to finish the last stage of filling. Included with the machine two nozzles with different diameters for tins and bottles.

Technical features:

  • Machine body, pump, electrovalve and scale plate are made with stainless-steel
  • Volumetric pump by Liverani with nitrile impeller
  • Weighting system by AVERY
  • Multirange scale division:  1 or 2  grams  according to weight
  • Filling capacity of 90 tins (5 litres) per hour and about 250 bottles per hour
  • Single phase, 220 volts 5 Amp. power supply.
  • Direct connection to big tank
  • Pump reverse push button to clean machine and tube after a filling set
  • Up to 10 stored format for direct recall by selecting below  zero
  • Unlimited format by selecting above zero
  • Continuos tapping by selecting zero
  • RS232 output for computer or printer
  • Optional nitrogen valve and nozzle to reduce oil oxidation by insufling nitrogen in the bottle at the end of the filling



Attended Expoalimentaria 2012 – Perù

October 5, 2012

Claudio Vignoli and Gabriele Casini (CDR srl) attended Expoalimentaria 2012, International trade show that highlights food and beverages, machinery, equipment, inputs, containers and packaging, services, restaurants, and gastronomy.   At CDR’s stand we had the opportunity to meet many experts in connection with olive oil, fish oil and sacha inchi oil producers, […]

VIIth International Symposium on Olive Growing

September 10, 2012

Claudio Vignoli, as main sponsor, will attend the VIIth International Symposium on Olive Growing that will take place in San Juan, Argentina, from 25th to 29th September 2012, the most important scientific olive meeting realized every four years in different countries around the world under the auspice of the International […]

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